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RATES: River Tree does not provide prints. We will provide digital files sized for printing to you via download or thumb drive. 


  • My hourly rate is $200 which includes editing, and uploading to Drive. For events over 50 miles away, there is a surcharge of $25. You are free to use any photo for commercial purposes for 1 year.


  • Family half hour mini sessions are $150. Includes generational group photos, families and couples and a location of your choice. 


  • On site/outdoors Senior Photos and Casual Headshots are $150 per half hour. 

  • In studio Professional Portraits and and Artsy Photos are $200 per hour. Shorter sessions are prorated


  • The basic rate is figured per hour, $100. For reference, a regular 1200 sq foot house will generally take about an hour to shoot. Larger square footage homes take longer.  With high end homes realtors may not necessarily want all the rooms shot, but more attention paid to the luxury features. The rates would be adjusted accordingly.


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Patricia West is the owner of River Tree Photography located in Vermilion, Ohio.She is experienced in many genres. She loves working with people, is easy going and holds herself to a professional standard. 

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