The Nuts and Bolts


River Tree is with your site from the beginning or we can take over where the last designer left off.  Here are a few of the services provided.

  • Navigational and layout design for customer friendly pages

  • Coordinating colors, logos, content

  • Graphic design and manipulation

  • Scan, and reformat photos

  • Video and audio editing

  • Proofing the text you write for grammar and spelling.

  • Tweaking commercial copy if needed.

  • Submit your site to search engines and use keywords to make your site easy for them to find.

  • We do all the 'behind the scenes' work of setting up or transferring your domain name and server.



First we plan.
  • We will design your layout and navigation to be comfortable and customer friendly.

  • We will suggest ways to create a reason for the customer to visit and revisit your site.  Just as with brick and mortor stores, the more often they visit, the more likely they will buy.

  • We look to the future and how you hope to evolve.

  • We strategize with you to accomplish your goals.

  • We provide a web maintenance program updating your text changes and keep your site fresh.