If you use an upgraded camera like Nikon or Canon you may have noticed you have the option of shooting your work in RAW files. When you shoot in raw format, there are so many options for creativity, and that's where I can help. Post production is where the magic happens, changing your so-so photos to AWESOMENESS! Wouldn't you like your friends to say "WOW" at YOUR photos?

Before and After



River Tree also provides photo restorations. By using specialized software we can erase scratches, bends and discolorations. We return the photo to you in digital format and then you can choose who you want to make prints.  We can also superimpose faces for gag jokes.  


Photograph repair is done by graphic manipulation. By using Photoshop we can remove cracks and bends in photos, repair damage and can do spot colorization digitally.


In order for River Tree to do photo repair, we need to know that you actually own the picture and there is not an infringement of copyright. River Tree does not print the photos, but will give the repaired photo to the client in a disc, flashdrive or download.



Albums, and Logos are created by the latest software. We can take your photos and create montages or stretch them, bend them colorize them into your desired graphic for any visual presentation. 


River Tree loves working with graphics. Our strength is taking photo work and manipulating it with color, masks and other transformations.


Whether you need basic graphic work for office, presentations, catalog covers for your products, business brochures and posters, we are there for you.

© Patricia West 

Created sleeve pattern and repaired the nose. Recreated the clothing where the damage was. Darkened the areas on the antique violin trying to keep the authenicity of age.