Awards Banquet 2012

Awards Banquet 2012
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Highlights and Alums

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The Grads Clowning around   Humm...Who are we Missing? The Faculty/Staff and the Grads
Faculty and Staff in front of Severance Faculty and Staff A different perscpective Say "Chemistry" Grads watching the presentation
Grads Liv, Annika and Chiemela Mike Nee, Rob Thompson, Drew Meyer The MEN! Emerson
Liv and Emerson Liv and Alison Annika and Chiemela Bill Fuchsman and Dennis Bescak John and Adam
Bernadette and Hayley Daniel, Sean, and Tae Kyu Alison and Laura Jo-Han and Sam Norm Craig and Chimela
Jessica, Hayley and Elaine Mike Nee, Norm Craig, Dennis Bescak Albert Matlin, Peter Chivers, Kim Schreck, Katie Oertel Kiefer and Laurence Michael and Drew
John, Annika, Ben and Liv Drew and Jaclyn Meyer, Matt and Elizabeth Elrod Tim and Cindi Manning Bob and Pat West Bill Fuchsman and James
Brian, Hayley, Cassie and Daniel Bernadette, Micah and Will Adam, Adam and Melanie Albert Matlin and Drew Holden, Carl, Mike Nee, Liam, and Alice Soohoo
Holden, Carl, Mike Nee, Liam Michael, Drew, Cortland Hill and Laurence Adam, Adam and Michael Joe and Adam Greg and Ari
Dinner Sitting with the professors Chatting Sharing Food
The Chair, Manish Mehta Bill Fuchsman, retiring after 42 years Manish passing out awards: Christopher Manish passing out awards:  Michael Manish passing out awards: Megan
Manish passing out awards: Will Manish passing out awards: Drew Manish passing out awards: Molly Manish passing out awards: Michael Manish passing out awards: Adam
Manish passing out awards: Ari Manish passing out awards: Henrik Manish passing out awards: Sean Manish passing out awards: Laura Manish passing out awards: Ben
Manish passing out awards: Joe Manish passing out awards: Laura Laura Manish passing out awards: Ben Manish passing out awards: Alison
Manish passing out awards: Sam Sam Laura, Alison, Cassie give gifts Pat is excited about COFFEE Melanie, Ben, Venkata pass out gifts
Alison and Rae...WWRQTD? Liv and Sean Liv, Safety Squirl and Katie Albert Matlin and Laura Albert, Laura and Joe
Cassie, Adam, Adam, Michael Adam and Adam clears up confusion Cassie, Adam, Adam, Michael and Matt Elrod Yuhua and Yihui Yuhua speaks eloquently
Yihui explains gift They express their thanks     Yuhua, Yihui and Norm Craig
Carl, Holden, Liam, Molly, and Carl explains the gift to Mike Nee Mike Nee and Carl John Paddock John and Bill Fuchsman
John and Bill Sean, Katie Oertel, Liv and SAFETY SQUIRREL Sam, Alison, and Ben: Holmes Prize winners Michael, Drew, Daniel and Molly Molly, Ari and Adam
Joe, Laura, Albert Matlin Melanie, Venkata, Ben and Manish Mehta Kim Schreck and Peter Chivers Laura, Cassie, Alison Laura, Cassie and Alison
CRC winners: Megan, Michael, Will, Will, and Christopher Henrik Alison, Laura, Ari, Liv, Joe and Cassie Barbara and Bill Fuchsman John and Bill Fuchsman


Jessica, Hayley and Elaine
Alison, Ari, Liv, Laura,Joe and Cassie